China’s Great Wall Motors Teases 8-Cylinder Touring Motorcycle

Posted by Admin on May 11, 2024

Great Wall Motors Teases 8-Cylinder Touring Motorcycle


Posted by Admin
on May 11, 2024


Chinese motorcycles often get a bad rap for being knock-offs of established models. However, Great Wall Motors (GWM) is aiming to change that perception with a bold move into the motorcycle market.

GWM, known for its automotive prowess, has launched a new subsidiary, Great Wall Souo Motorcycle, and their debut model is turning heads. It’s an ambitious touring machine with not six, but eight cylinders.


The bike, yet to be named, promises to be a grand-tourer, rivaling the likes of the Honda Gold Wing but on a whole new level. While most would consider a 1,833cc flat-six engine sufficient, GWM opted for a boxer eight-cylinder engine, expected to surpass 2,000cc.


Andrew Dyson, GWM’s Chief of Design, with a background in major automotive brands like Volkswagen and Daimler-Chrysler, boasts having ridden the prototype, declaring it amazing, though his bias is evident.

Details on the bike’s tech and features are scant, but its silhouette suggests a beast of a machine, reminiscent of the Honda Gold Wing or BMW K 1600. Expect it to be packed with high-tech gadgets, potentially even featuring adaptive cruise control.

The move by Chinese manufacturers to innovate in such a bold manner showcases their growing influence in the industry. However, it begs the question: do we really need an eight-cylinder grand tourer? Time will tell if it can truly surpass established models like the Honda Gold Wing in long-distance capability.

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