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Weld in Slip Fit Kit by FMOTOS/NastyHog

Posted by Kyle Crawford on

Fits like a glove.

The FMOTOS Weld in Slip Fit Kit lets you put a 26" or 30" wheel on your bagger and keep that long low look. The Short Neck not only looks great, but eliminates all the manufacturing errors inherent in complex weldments. This is done to insure your project bike will handle great due to perfect steering geometry. The FMOTOS Kits fit all 1997 to current Harley Davidson Touring Models.


Short Neck Triple Tree for 26", 30", and 32" Wheels

The FMOTOS Short Neck Triple Trees allows your to put a 26", 30", or 32" wheel on your bagger and keep the long low look. For use with our Weld On Kit. Fits all Harley-Davidson Touring Models 1997 to current.

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